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Frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.)

You haven't the self-adhesive wrap vinyl that i search

Can't find the desired self-adhesive wrap vinyl in our shop? Please feel free to contact us. Guaranteed that we can deliver the wrap vinyl.

What are the widths of the wrap vinyls?

The self-adhesive wrap vinyls has a width of 152cm and the coloured tint films has a width of 30cm.

Are the prices including or excluding V.A.T.?

The displayed prices are exclusive 21% V.A.T. In addition the "Total Amount" is the final price - excl. shipping costs - which you should pay.

Self-adhesive (car) wrap vinyl

The self-adhesive wrap vinyl can be applied dry, varies from 160-260 micron (0.26 mm) thick and has air drains to easy remove air bubbles. In addition is the self-adhesive wrap vinyl pliable/elastic by use of a (hair)dryer, 152cm wide, universal to use and from high quality.

Mounting Material

To make an object wrapping even easier, we advise you to use a (hair)dryer and soft 3M squeegee with felt.

There is a wrinkle/crease in the wrap vinyl

Do not worry. The wrap vinyl is an amazing vinyl and wrinkles/creases are easy to remove with a hair-dryer.

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Tint film

The tint film should be applied wet and has depending on the color 1 or 2 protective layers which should be deleted.

What are the shipping costs?

The shipping costs depends on in which country you live. We do our best to keep the shipping costs so low as possible. Want to know how much the shipping costs really are? Go to your shopping cart, click on the Next step button and then you need to select your country. Then you can see on the right side how much the shipping costs are.

What is the delivery time?

Products which are offered per 1 meter: sent within 24 hours.

Depending on your order it would be processed between 1-7 days. For example, you may find that your order is not in stock.
Of course we inform you always per e-mail message how it stands for with your order.

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Displayed prices are exclusive 21% V.A.T.